Orient Lifestyle range of Fans

Experiencing the latest technology with the launch of Orient Lifestyle range of fans.
D and I got invited to witness a revolutionary change in fans. Growing up, we used to love playing with a table fan. But that was 15 years ago when there were no fancy fans in the market.
Seeing this magnificent shift in the lifestyle market has been outstanding. 
This beautiful new Orient range of fans was introduced on December 20. They have carefully selected four new fabulous products.

The press meet started with a launch note from Mr Atul Jain, Business Head. He was extremely passionate about the brand and gave us a detailed presentation about their journey.

Each product was introduced with a bang and the key features were highlighted.
After the press meet, we had the opportunity to experience the fans first hand. We were absolutely spellbound. The fans are so sleek and handy. They are extremely easy to use and look very elegant. It would almost look like a beautiful artefact on my desk. 
Orient Bladeless

The fashionable Orient Bladeless fan uses a combination of physics and aerodynamics to multiply air thus ensuring an uninterrupted air flow. Flaunting a distinctive design that is sure to turn heads, consumes less power
and runs silently at three different speeds. Compact and light weight, Orient Bladeless takes up minimal space and can be moved across the home with utmost ease. Since the fan has no blades, it’s extremely safe to use. Its Swing function allows you to direct the airflow across the room and when used along with an air conditioner, this fan significantly increases air circulation inside the room. Another salient feature of the fan is its 7.5-hour standby timer.

Orient Monroe (Tower Fan)

Orient Monroe is both an eye-catcher and a conversation starter. This lifestyle fan boasts a
nice, slim design and features a strong and reliable motor to ensure good airflow. Orient
Monroe runs so silently that you will hardly notice that a fan is running. Being
compact, this fan fits easily into any space big or small, be it your home, shop or office cabin.
The classy fan comes complete with 3 speed settings, in-built timer and remote control for
ease of use.
Orient Auctor (360 degree fan)

The all new Orient Auctor, an aesthetically pleasing air circulation fan with 3-D auto
oscillation feature. Orient Auctor has touch panel control, in-built timer function and remote-
controlled operation for ultimate convenience. This futuristic air circulation fan is available
with room temperature display. 
Orient Proteus (Box fan)
Orient Proteus is a luxurious box fan featuring a super silent motor which ensures that all you
experience is cool air. The use of white-grey colour scheme imparts premium look to the fan.
The box fan offers 30-degree vertical adjustment so that you can direct the airflow to suit
your liking. Orient Proteus, with its compact and stylish design, makes for a great addition to
any contemporary space.
You can visit https://www.orientelectric.com/fan/lifestyle-fans and shop to your heart's content or go online on Amazon and order the range.

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